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Can I add my own charity?

We have identified 50 key charities that will benefit from Mulu which represent a wide range of worthy organizations, from children’s causes to the environment to humanitarian efforts. Over time, we plan to add more charities to these founding 50 and you can send us your suggestions at: [email protected]

How do I make money for myself or my cause?

Mulu is a great way to put your style and taste to work for you. When a visitor buys an item on your Mulu page, a portion of the resulting sales (called an affiliate commission) is given back to Mulu by the retailer. That amount generally falls in the 3 to 15 percent range of the sale price and mulu splits that commission you, or your cause, 50/50.

What are affiliate commissions?

Without knowing it, there's a very good chance that companies have been profiting off of your personal web browsing for years. For example, if you visit a review blog and then go to amazon.com, it's likely that the review blog will make money off of anything you buy at Amazon.com, no matter what. Many online retailers have affiliate programs in place which reward partners for driving additional site traffic and bolstering their sales. To learn more, see our affiliates page.

What is a muluBox?

A muluBox is a web widget that you can install on your website, blog, social networking page or computer desktop. Your readers can purchase your recommendations directly from your site, and every pick will be updated automatically.

Where can I use the muluBox?

The widget is compatible with Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, self-hosted Wordpress blogs, and your own website. Unfortunately, the free version of Wordpress.com does not allow for plug-ins such as the muluBox.

How do I install the muluBox?
Step 1: Click 'Get a muluBox' and customize your box
Step 2: Get the copy code and drop it into your web page
Step 3: Start making picks!
Can I customize a muluBox to fit my site?

You can customize the width of the widget, choose a horizontal one or a vertical one. You can also change the border colors and customize the text of the title as well as the text at the bottom of the muluBox.

Can a brand join mulu?

Mulu serves as a tool for brands to building out a vision around what they love - both their products and recommendations outside of those - favorite restaurant, book, blog, workout routine-- a 360-degree view into a brand. The possibilities are endless.

Is mulu 501c(3)?

No, Mulu is not a 501 c(3). Mulu is a for-profit company with a philanthropic mission and our accounting is completely transparent.

What does mulu mean?

Mulu is the Chinese word for catalog or directory. It’s also the name of the largest interlocking cave system in world, located in Malaysia. In the early days of civilization, humans gathered at the thousands of distant cave mouths to receive the water and nourishment carried through the network from the distant sea. That’s about as apt a metaphor for social sharing as could be. Plus… it’s just plain catchy.

What is mulu's stance on inappropriate/vulgar content?

Mulu takes an open position on the freedom to post, though we do have policies against inappropriate content in place. Although we haven’t run into this issue to date, anything we deem inappropriate will be censored and the user will be notified that their post or comment has been taken down.

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