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Suzanne Battell

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  • Menlo Park, CA

slightly obsessed with everything wedding at the moment.. my own and others!

Looking for unique wedding locations (and and wedding-related stuff too.)... something a little out of the box... Ideas?

My math and dance teacher from last year was diagnosed with cancer this summer and had surgery yesterday. I want to give him something--everyone at my school is giving him something, though, and I want my present to stand out so he looks at it. He danced professionally (ballet) until he was 35, has a PhD in mathematics, loves biking, and appreciates humor perhaps more than anyone I know. Ideas?

Whats your favourite song of The Sideline Story ?

Asked by J. Cole

I need a new bag and I don't like anything fussy or too girly.. Like satchels and normally wear neutrals, but I'm open to spicing it up a bit.

Need to find a somewhat robust DustBuster type vacuum. Anyone have one they like?

“I have this one and it works great in our apt.. we have a dog and are always cleaning up dog hair with it.”

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I'm a real meat and potatoes kind of guy, but looking to eat healthier in the New Year.. Suggestions for GOOD vegetarian cookbooks (I'm skeptical) and/or other healthy eating recipe books?

Looking for a good read ala Cormac McCarthy for the beach. Thoughts?

I've been looking for a great pair of leather knee-high boots forever. Does anyone have a favorite?

Need to replace a worn jacket. Looking for something I can wear in the spring and fall and even winter (with sweater underneath) with really clean lines.